Appalling GVA figures show Labour has no plan for Wales

Appalling GVA figures show Labour has no plan for Wales

The Welsh economy is still bottom of the UK league table in terms of the value of goods and services, according to today’s regional ‘gross value added’ statistics.

The figures – published by ONS this morning – show that Wales is the worst performing of the UK nations and regions, according to GVA per head.


GVA per head 2016

UK – £26,339

England – £27,108

Wales – £19,140

Scotland – £24,800

NI – £19,997


Commenting on the figures, Shadow Economy Secretary, Russell George, said:

“These figures are an appalling reflection of successive Labour-led governments.

“After four major economic relaunches, and 18 years of Labour rule, Wales remains the poorest part of the UK.

“Just last week we saw the latest attempt to rebrand Welsh Labour’s failing economic strategy.

“Sadly, it’s just window dressing, and it’s clear that Labour don’t have a meaningful plan for Wales.

“Our country can succeed globally, but it needs a Welsh Government which can unlock its potential and make the most of the opportunities ahead.”



Welsh GVA figures are available via the ONS website:


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