UKIP Slams ‘Appalling cover up’ as Civil Servants told they can’t aid Brexit campaign

UKIP MEP Nathan Gill has called the decision to block civil servants from releasing briefings to the Brexit campaign as it goes against Government policy ‘an appalling cover up’

Surely any Government that calls a major referendum in a few months on something of such significant national importance would have had to draw up an impact assessment for either result. 

“There absolutely has to be an exit strategy already developed unless the result is to be rigged. To not give the public that information in order that they can make an informed decision on such a huge issue is the greatest insult to democracy. 

“People need to know what a post EU would look like, and civil servants will play a primary role in that and therefore hold the information that will elucidate the debate. No doubt at the same time the ‘In’ campaign will demand that Brexiteers outline a post-EU future. It’s a total stitch up.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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