Review of substance misuse services in Wales

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales is reviewing substance misuse services in Wales to check whether people are receiving the care, treatment and support that they need.

During the review we will look at:


  • Access  –  ‘Can I access the treatment and support I need?’
  • Acceptability of treatment options –  ‘Is the treatment on offer right for me?’
  • Person-centred care  – ‘Is the treatment tailored to my needs?’ 
  • Safeguarding  –  ‘How am I and my family safeguarded?’
  • Aftercare and ongoing support –  ‘What happens after I finish treatment?’


We will be visiting each health board area to speak to people who use substance misuse services and service staff to explore these areas. We will also be holding discussions with stakeholder organisations and leads from each Substance Misuse Area Planning Board.

How you can get involved

Hearing the views and experiences of people who use substance misuse services and staff who work at these services are an important part of our review.  In November, there will be a questionnaire available on our website for people and staff who wish to tell us about their experiences. Hard copies of the questionnaires will also be made available.

Please contact us if you wish to be updated when further information on how you can share your views and experiences with us  is available.

The findings from the review will be published in July 2018. 


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Team @ AberdareOnline

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