St John Baptist High School GCSE RESULTS 2017

St John Baptist High School  GCSE RESULTS 2017

Pupils at St John Baptist High School are celebrating excellent GCSE results this year. The results at the school have improved significantly with more pupils achieving 5 GSCE A*-C grades including English and Maths. We are one of the top performing schools in RCT. Many pupils had all A* and A grades such as:

Amelia Warren who had 7A*s and 6As who said she was thrilled and wanted to thank her teachers for their hard work and dedication

Carys Edwards- 6A*s and 6As

Bethan Jones- 6A*s, 4As, 1B and Distinction in Additional Maths

Casey Colcombe- 5 A*s, 5As a 1 B

James Oke- 5A*s, 2As, 1B, 1C

Hannah Evans- 4A*s, 5As, 1 B and Distinction in Additional Maths

Rebecca Horton- 4A*s, 8As and Merit in Additional Maths

Payton England- 4A*s, 6As and 1B who said she was thrilled.

Ella Jones- 2A*s, 5As and 4Bs

Mali Lewis- 1A*, 7As, 3Bs and a pass in Additional Maths. She also passed AS Welsh last week as did Georgia Furlong who also did very well in her GCSEs

Alys Birch- 1A* and 7As

Ruby Evans- 1A*, 9AS and 1B

Laugharne Heath- 3 A*s, 5As and 3Bs

Freya Thomas- 1A*, 7As, 2Bs 1C and merit in Additional Maths

Alice Griffiths who has recently represented Wales at senior football also achieved excellent results. She said she worked hard to balance her training for the Welsh team and revision but that it was all worth it as she was so pleased with her results. Another footballer who is with Cardiff City and the school teams, Isaak Davies, also did well in his examinations.

Some younger  pupils in Yr 7 passed a GCSE in Welsh which was thrilling for them.

Dr S M Mitchell, Headteacher, said:

‘I am thrilled at the results that our pupils have attained. They have worked very hard and with great commitment. I have also been impressed by the way that pupils work together and support one another which is a characteristic of their caring nature. These results are also due to the hard work of the staff. I am thrilled that so many pupils have achieved great success and we are looking forward to them returning to St John’s for continued success in their ‘A’ levels. I am extremely proud that our results have improved and extend my congratulations to our pupils and wish them continued success’.

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