St John Baptist Church in Wales High School Community Challenge

For our Welsh Baccalaureate we decided to work as a group.  We decided to run a selection box appeal within our school and local community, and then distribute them to local Nursing Homes.  We wanted the people who would be getting the selection boxes to know that we were thinking about them over Christmas, and we wanted to bless.  We started this appeal by designing posters and putting them up over the school, our appeal was announced in all year group assemblies.  After this, we handed out flyers to pupils and staff as they were leaving assembly.


Dr Mitchell let us advertise it on the school website too.  We had a great response for staff and pupils, we even had donations from people in the local community, this was brilliant!!  We contacted two local nursing homes, Castle Care in Aberaman and Oakwood Nursing Home in Cwmdare, both homes were happy to receive our gifts.  We collected 50 selection boxes of various sizes.  Mrs Crellin brought in wrapping paper and we had a busy few lunchtimes wrapping all the boxes.  We produced a gift tag and Christmas card for each person.  Mrs Morgan, from Castle Care brought some of the residents in to see us and we presented them with their selection boxes, it was so lovely to see them and we had a great time.


On the last day of term, Mrs Crellin took us up to Oakwood Nursing Home, where we met the Manager, Mrs Lewis.  We were allowed to give the selection boxes to the residents, it was a wonderful sight to see the residents looking so happy that we had made their Christmas that little bit more special by giving them a gift.  This was a great experience for us all and as a Christian school it is important we think about others at such a special time of year.


To quote a member of our group, “it isn’t the value or size of the gift that matters but the thought that accompanies it”. ……..  I’m so glad we decided to do this appeal, as it made a difference to the lives of others at Christmas.

Emily John

Lauren Jenkins

Jade Allen

Kyra sparrow

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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