Hidden Sentence training at HMP Parc

Over 200,000 children per year are affected by parental imprisonment across England and Wales, resulting in much poorer outcomes for these children compared with their counterparts.

Barnardo’s Cymru works in partnership with our colleagues across the sectors to secure better wellbeing outcomes for children who are affected by parental imprisonment. We believe it is vital that all service providers can offer understanding and support to families in order to readdress these dismal outcomes.

Barnardo’s Cymru actively offer support in this area of work, assisting professionals to identify affected families and provide holistic support, but to ensure we increase awareness of this issue and how we can all play our part. Barnardo’s Cymru could deliver Hidden Sentence training for your staff.

Our Hidden Sentence trainers are experienced at working with children and families affected by imprisonment and this extensive knowledge base allows the training to come to life with real examples of our work in Wales.

Barnardo’s Cymru are the leading providers of this training in Wales, training over 640 professionals.

“It [Hidden Sentence training] was without doubt, one of the most interesting, moving and thought-provoking training sessions I have ever been to and I firmly believe that anyone who works with families should attend. I shall be recommending it to anyone that will listen to me!” (A Welsh Government representative)

The Hidden Sentence – Raising Awareness – Part 1 is targeted at professionals working with children, families and/or offenders and aims to:

  • Improve understanding about the impact of imprisonment on prisoners’ families.
  • Improve understanding of a family’s journey on a prison visit.
  • Understand the support needs of prisoners’ families.
  • Improve your own practice in order to support a prisoners’ family.

The Hidden Sentence training will include:

  • Participatory exercises that encourage participants to understand the experience of family members who have a family member in prison.
  • Information about services and support for children and families of offenders.
  • Passing through security and lunch in the visits hall.
  • A session with prison staff and an offender to hear about their experiences.

This training will be relevant to those who work within; education, social services, family support, health, housing, prisons and probation.

We have training in October, November, December and January, although spaces are limited. To book the training please visit https://bookwhen.com/capotraining

Please find attached our training leaflet and for further information please contact Catherine Davies on catherine.davies@barnardos.org.uk or 01639 620771.

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