Hard work finally bear fruit in the home of a rare orchid

After years of cooperation between Bridgend County Borough Council Bridgend, Plantlife and Natural Wealth Wales (CNC), the fen orchid is beginning to recover its land in a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Kenfig.

The plant thrives in wet dune unusual, young and in the past we were able to find it at eight sites across South Wales.


Today, if you want to see the fen orchid in Wales, the only place you can see is Kenfig SAC, which is also a National Nature Reserve.


The population of the plant in Kenfig also at stake when their numbers fell from over 21,000 record early in the 90's for as little as tens of plants in recent years.


Luckily, a great deal of work has been done to restore the habitat which disappeared due to natural changes.


By removing the top layer of soil and sod off the dunes, a technique known as 'scratch flushes', we can recreate younger habitat that benefits the fen orchid and many other species.


Emma Brown, senior conservation officer at CNC:


"It is vital we do not lose the things that make Wales such a special place, and manage our sites in a way that benefits the species in trouble is one way to do that.


"The work done at Kenfig SAC is a perfect example of this. Fen orchids recorded 1012 chalky across the site, including in four areas managed recently.


"This is not only great news for this rare orchid, but also to all the insects and other plant-back who benefit from the work."


Grazing or scratching flushes are still on the site so that the fen orchid to flourish and to safeguard other features Kenfig.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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