Government Hub in Cardiff could bring regular regional cabinet meetings a step closer

Today’s announcement of Government Hub in Cardiff could bring regular, regional cabinet meetings a step closer, according to Shadow Economy Secretary – Russell George AM.

The deal is part of the Government Hubs Programme which will transform the way the Civil Service works by accommodating several government departments in one building, across the country. The programme will deliver over a billion pounds of savings to the taxpayer, free up land for housing and reduce government buildings from 800 to around 200 by 2022.

The UK Government has agreed to lease 265,000 sq ft in the brand new, Cardiff city-centre development, which will accommodate over 4,000 public servants from several different UK Government departments. HMRC will be the majority occupier and Central Square will become one of their regional centres. The office will be ready by 2020 for civil servants to occupy.

Responding to the announcement, Shadow Economy Secretary, Russell George, said it was about bringing government “closer to the people”.

He said:

“The announcement of a Government Hub in Cardiff is an excellent regeneration opportunity and underlines the UK Government’s commitment to whole of the UK.

“The Prime Minister is committed to building strong government outside of London, and we are hopeful that establishing a hub in Cardiff will bring regular regional cabinet meetings a step closer.

“This isn’t just about the millions of pounds in savings that the Central Square deal will bring – it’s about bringing government closer to the people – and this is exciting news for Wales.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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