Money tree found growing in Mountain Ash

Hi all remember me and the gang, you must have we were the ones that made all the promises way back in 2012 you must remember 2012 local elections or are you trying to forget or regret who you voted for.

If you remember after you voted for us I kept on saying I was short of money that was a good ploy I thought so I could keep putting up your council tax every year, now do we have a higher rate than most parts of Wales? We are one of the most deprived area in the UK but what dose that matter if you are prepared to keep paying high council tax and still keep voting us back in that’s good an’t that the truth.


Well it must be take a look at what we promised you back in 2012 its all rubbish you say but we did promise to keep and‘MAINTAIN WEEKLY REFUSE COLLECTIONS’ well we failed on that one but to be fair we also now restrict how much rubbish you can put out for collection and we now charge for taking away all those bulky items because we keep your council tax down, or I forgot we don’t do that either. Well charging you all for bulk items just gives us more work cleaning up fly tipping we found it a more cost effective way for you council taxpayers or is it? Not quite sure about this one.


Well I could go on about us closing Day Centres, Libraries, and Paddling Pools, reducing bus services decreasing meals on wheels from 7 to 5 days a week and we did cut nursery education did that cost you the council taxpayer an extra £430,000 for your council to fight residents in court over service cuts, well we don’t care its your money we are wasting. Well let’s see One4all Centres, no we are reducing them I nearly forgot pitch fees for sports clubs yes we put up the cost of them too.


We keep telling you we have no money that’s why we only gave our senior officers £11K (20%) pay rises, our poor Chief Executive is only on £143,000 a year and we are struggling to pay out Cabinet Members but we are paying them the maximum they are allowed well they are worth it just look at all the cuts they made to public services. Don’t forget the free swimming in the £6.3M Lido, well its not free actually is it, someone has to pay for it, you out of you high council tax well it was a good vote grabber for us if you were the someone who thought it actually was for free well it was for the hundreds who made use of the Lido living outside RCT and you paid for them out of your council tax.


Well another election is due on May 4 and to be fair my money tree is bloomed just right with all the bullshit I have been feeding it over the past 3 years now the election is due we have thousands to spend just to get you to vote for us again. So don’t believe all the others when they say we are spending now just to get your votes did lie to you in 2012 just to get your vote?

Because we are so resourceful we have even cut lots of the information that was available on our website, well giving the public to much information is not good for them better keep them in the dark you know like mushrooms if they actually knew what was gowning on perhaps we wouldn’t get anyone to vote for us now would we? Can the people who asking me awkward question on social media it embarrassing; you know I will block you if you keep doing it? 


But please don’t mention the millions we are sending to Cardiff because we are supposed to be struggling for cash in this council and my money tree only blooms at election times just to get your vote. 

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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