Estyn report criticised youth provision in Rhondda Cynon Taf in 2012 what would they say now?

Wales on line reported on 4 APR 2017, The Youth clubs that provided vital help for deprived young people in the Cynon Valley have been closed until further notice, leaving them with nowhere to go.

The services, Perthcelyn, Penrhiwceiber and Bryncynon, all suddenly closed, with “little to no information” given to the people who rely on them, and no alternatives offered.

Aberdare has lost Chequers youth centre after 16 years of the facility


The 2012 Estyn report criticised youth provision in RCT saying, "it does not have an appropriate overview of these services, or a clear understanding about which are youth services and which are wider youth support services. There is a lack of clarity about how different services work best together to meet young people's needs." There is no evidence that any of this has been taken into account when coming up with the proposed changes.


Labour controlled RCT Council are still showing little concern for the youth in Rhondda Cynon Taf and are still cutting services in 2017, Perthcelyn, Penrhiwceiber and Bryncynon are among the most deprived areas of Cynon Valley.


Kelsey Stevens, a Cynon Valley youth worker said, “There’s a massive need for support for young people in this area, they looked to us for support in all different kinds of ways. Many of them are now wandering the streets instead.”







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