Being a female firefighter is a unique opportunity for South Wales’ women

New web series highlights privilege of ability to make their communities lives better

With just 2.4% of firefighters in South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) being female, the Service is looking to showcase how the role is a unique opportunity for women across South Wales to be part of and the privilege the Service’s female firefighters feel in being able to change lives, as well as save them.

SWFRS are today launching a new web series – ‘Your Service, Your Choice’ – with the first episode focusing on women in the fire service. It highlights three female firefighters, who are at different role levels within the Service and how working for SWFRS is a career option for all.

The stereotypical view of a firefighter is that of a white male and SWFRS is hoping that this webisode, as well as the wider series, will be able to change the public’s perception.

Alison Kibblewhite, Head of Risk Reduction for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and who was Wales’ first female firefighter on joining the Service in 1995 and is SWFRS’ most senior uniformed female officer, said, “There is a common misconception that being a firefighter means you have to be extremely strong and while strength plays a factor to the job, it’s about more than that. Being a firefighter is about working as part of a team, pulling together to make what could be someone’s worst day of their lives that little bit better.

“A career as a firefighter does not always mean having to put out fires or cut people from cars, you can experience so many different aspects in the role. You can to take on roles within training or research and development, as well as being able to get out into the community to help raise awareness and change people’s lives in the long term.”

The web series will run until December 2017 and will be releasing a new webisode every other month covering a different subject; all with the aim of showing South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to be an employer of choice for all members of the South Wales community.

To watch the video visit http://bit.ly/swfrsproudwomen

For more information about South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and its career opportunities visit www.southwales-fire.gov.uk

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