North American exports down 48% since Carwyn Jones’ first US Trade Mission

Welsh exports to North America have almost halved since 2012, the year in which Carwyn Jones made his first trade mission to the United States of America.

Projected figures for 2016 suggest a decline of 48.2% in exports to the region, with figures declining every year since 2012.

The claims come as Carwyn Jones sets off to the United States for the latest in a series of high profile trade missions since becoming First Minister.

Welsh Conservatives have called on the First Minister to “capitalise on promising signs” for Britain’s relationship with the US under President Trump. They want to see tangible evidence that the First Minister has a plan to boost trade.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said:

“Every year Carwyn Jones sets off to the United States with the same message, and promises to sell Wales to the world.

“Yet in reality, Welsh exports have almost halved since he started trade missions to North America.

“We need to see tangible evidence that the First Minister has a plan to capitalise on promising signs for trade with the US, not another speech trashing our post-Brexit prospects.

“Trade missions are an important opportunity to secure lucrative opportunities for Welsh businesses, but there is very little evidence that the Welsh Government is actually making a positive difference.”


In 2012, exports to North America amounted to £3,568,000,000 – declining to £1,935,000,000 by 2015.

Figures for the first three quarters indicate a further decline for 2016, with total exports at just £1,387,000,000 by the end of September according to the latest figures.

It suggests projected exports to the US of around £1.85 billion for 2016, 48.2% down on levels experienced in 2012.

Access the data HERE: https://statswales.gov.wales/Catalogue/Business-Economy-and-Labour-Market/Businesses/Exports/welshexports-by-quarter-destination

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