Carwyn snubs his own airport in favour of Heathrow for US trade visit

A Written Assembly Question (WAQ) by the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has revealed that Labour’s First Minister has once again opted to fly trans-Atlantic from Heathrow, rather than from the airport his government owns in Cardiff.

Carwyn Jones is in America this week to “sell Wales to the world like never before”, but has come under fire for flying from Heathrow. With Welsh Conservatives claiming that it was a “missed opportunity to highlight Cardiff’s connectivity with the rest of the world.”

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, said:

“The First Minister says that it’s time to sell Wales to the world like never before, and yet once again he has opted not to use the international airport his government owns.

“It’s a remarkable decision and sends a dreadful message to potential investors, and indeed the wider public.

“The excuse that there are no direct flights to America doesn’t wash either; flying from London isn’t direct when it first entails a two-and-a-half hour drive to London.

“Having a viable, recognised international airport could be hugely influential in raising Wales’ international profile, yet sadly Carwyn seems to prefer Heathrow Airport to the one his government has spent tens of millions of pounds on.”

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Economy & Transport, Russell George AM, said:

“The Welsh Government funds regular promotional campaigns at Cardiff Airport highlighting its links with North America, via Amsterdam or Dublin, and yet the man who technically owns the airport refuses to use it.

“If Carwyn Jones won’t support the airport he purchased what hope do taxpayers have of getting a return on their investment?

“This was a missed opportunity to highlight Cardiff’s connectivity with the rest of the world, and taxpayers will want reassurances that the First Minister isn’t giving more of their money to rival airports just to avoid a little bit of extra waiting time – or to boost his First Class air miles.”

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