Pupil Language Ambassador Training, Cardiff University Library

St John were lucky enough to attend a language training day run by Cardiff University. Firstly, we went to the introduction with all the other schools, where we met current language students, an interpreter and a businessman, they all told us about their experiences and how languages had enriched their lives. They gave us an insight to the other cultures they had had the opportunities to experience.

Next we split into three groups. Our first task in was Spanish workshop, where we learnt how to dance the Flamenco, and learnt about the Spanish Festivals and dresses. We then went to a German workshop. The lady there taught us simple German and at the end we turned our paragraphs into a rap. It was lots of fun. The last workshop was a French one. We split into two groups, and one group learned how to make origami fortune cookies while the other translated the motivational quotes to put into the cookies.

The session ended with everyone being presented with their certificates and badges and we are really keen to start our role as Pupil Language Ambassadors at St. John’s. We really appreciate this opportunity and it has really opened our eyes to the endless cultural and linguistic opportunities that are out there for all of us.

Alice Sparkes and Grace Styling

Year 10

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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