Labour Run Council haven’t made their mind up on turning Cwmaman and Glynhafod into a dumping ground again

Labour Run Council haven’t made their mind up on turning Cwmaman and Glynhafod into a dumping ground again

The proposed new school at Glynhafod is still in the planning system and many residents are concerned over the siting of the new school and the loss of the village paddling pool.

RCTCBC has said on their Twitter account, “Options for surplus excavated material being considered. Residents will receive project updates via contractor’s newsletter” (Would that be after they start dumping waste?)

Local residents would remember RCTCBC recently dumped 1,460 Tons of waste in Glynhafod they say it was by “mistake”, 2,460 tonnes of Waste were dumped according to the waste transfer documents.

 This is a council that cut corners at the expense of local residents i.e. dumping waste in the village when they have “Bryn Pica is an integrated waste management facility providing a variety of waste recycling and disposal services to residents and businesses of Rhondda Cynon Taf.” Because of the illegal dumping 1,460 Tons of illegal waste in Glynhafod had to be removed by RCTCBC at Rhondda Cynon Taf ratepayer’s expense when the council is cutting public services.

 The school waste disposal should have been taken into account when the project was first thought of not left to just dumping it at the nearest point in the village irrespective if it is convenient for planners and contractor.

 Why is the Council even considering dumping more waste in the village; Cwmaman and Glynhafod is not a dumping ground even if the Twitter post said “Options for surplus excavated material being considered” spoil heaps from our industrial past have been removed or overgrown, the council should not scar the community by cutting corners.     



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Team @ AberdareOnline

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