Law scrapping threatens libraries and disabled facilities grants

The future of libraries and grants for disabled facilities is under threat following a decision by the Welsh Government to repeal a law which places a duty on local authorities to collect data on the performance of local services, the Welsh Conservatives have said.

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government, Mark Drakeford AM, today issued a statement (attached) which said that following a consultation – which began in March 2016 – he had decided to revoke the Local Government (Performance Indicators) (Wales) Order 2012.

The decision comes off the back of an OECD report which reflected on how immature data collection methods are hindering the service delivery of local health boards across Wales.

Responding to the statement, Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Local Government, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:

“While we believe in lessening bureaucracy, we also believe in the critical role which accurate data collection plays in driving scrutiny.

“The revoking of this local government Order will spell the end of a vital and robust reporting mechanism, rendering authorities unable to efficiently assess the state of public services in Wales.

“Under particular threat by this move is the ability of local authorities to correctly measure the number of visits to public libraries and the delivery of Disabled Facilities Grants.

“Inadequate data collection for these under-threat areas will serve only to erode authorities’ ability to maintain and assess their function as crucial community hubs.

“We call on the Welsh Government to take stock of these concerns before rashly pressing ahead with this decision.”



Details of the consultation can be accessed here: http://gov.wales/docs/dsjlg/consultation/160315-local-government-performance-indicators-en.pdf

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