S DAVIES: Newsnight for Wales should be considered

Commenting on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee report into BBC White Paper and related issues, Shadow Secretary for broadcasting, Suzy Davies AM, said:

“The BBC’s next 11 year Charter will be critical in outlining the future public purposes for the BBC.

“Many of the findings and viewpoints from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee are welcome, including their focus on the importance of transparency and openness, which must always be at the heart of the BBC’s operations.

“The BBC has spoken of its desire to be more accountable to all UK nations, and it is vital the new unitary board embraces this concept. Wales’ voice must be heard, and have influence. The formal, consultative role for devolved administrations and legislatures, as part of any future Charter review, is also an important concept.


“The report mentions little specifically about broadcasting in Wales beyond MG Alba's objective of parity with S4C. With discussions for a new television news programme anchored in Scotland also prominent, it is vital that similar considerations for Wales are continually explored – including a Newsnight for Wales – as we strive for greater representation for Welsh news and current affairs in broadcasting.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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