Church Village meeting to discuss way forward after European referendum vote

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood held a public meeting in Church Village to discuss the next steps for Wales following the vote to leave the European Union.


Over 40 people attended the meeting in Gartholwg Community Centre last Tuesday. The event was part of a series of meetings culminating in a special Party of Wales conference on Saturday 16th July in Carmarthen.


Speaking at the event Rhondda Assembly Member Leanne Wood said:


“Plaid Cymru was deeply disappointed by the referendum, but we have to be resilient now. We have to strength of character and move forward as a party and as a country.


“In this uncertain period, Wales needs Plaid Cymru. It needs our leadership, our boldness and our ambition. We need the other parties to step up their efforts as well.


“The Rhondda Cynon Taf borough didn’t vote to Remain in the European Union. Areas which voted to leave also contain large numbers of remain voters. Those voters should not be forgotten about in the post-referendum situation. The result was close, and the terms of leaving the European Union are unknown.


“Plaid Cymru can represent those who voted remain, while reaching out and understanding the reasons which led people to vote to leave.


“The result requires all of us in Wales to consider how we come together to provide a bold and decisive response. Jobs are at stake. Good community relations are at stake. And our national status is at stake. Wales must be a visible and effective player in the post-referendum situation.


“I have been disappointed in the lack of governmental action by the minority Labour Government in Wales.


“Where is the contingency plan for the Welsh economy, and for influencing the UK’s term of withdrawal?


“Wales gave a mandate to the UK Government to leave the European Union. But people weren’t voting on the actual terms. The Welsh Government must now carry out an assessment as to what leave option is best for the Welsh economy.


“My party has a key role in the governance of Wales, including of influencing budgets and legislation.


“I will communicate with the range of key players in the Welsh economy and civic society to listen to their concerns and ask what assurances they are seeking over trade and future investment.


“We will see what ways we can swiftly strengthen the National Assembly so that new powers, including economic levers, are available as soon as possible.


“Through all of these steps, Plaid Cymru will work to secure Wales’ future. That is my priority.


“Ensuring that Wales continues as an outward-looking and confident nation. Those who voted to remain in the European Union, and those who voted leave, can both be part of this vision and part of this work.


“Let’s have a national debate about the future of Wales, about taking back control and finding our voice in a globalised world, rather than just allowing ourselves be pulled in a direction that may well not be in our best interests.


“We must ensure that Wales does not become forgotten or left behind as result of the referendum.


“Plaid Cymru’s work in the coming years will focus on Securing Wales’ Future. Let us use our national spirit and togetherness to repair the country and take it forward.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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