Give us back our identity – Abercynon is NOT Cardiff North

We have just come through a referendum in which one of the key themes put forward by the leave campaign was that we should "take our country back" and reassert our identity.

Well maybe a little more of that is needed locally. We need to put RCT back on the map.

Trade Centre Wales have caused a bit of a localised storm recently by opening an new car salesroom off the A470 in Abercynon. New businesses opening here and creating jobs are of course always welcome. However, the branch is being advertised as their Cardiff North branch.

Now it takes quite a stretch to see Abercynon as being part of Cardiff North – even with new constituency boundaries due to come into force at some point. So why on earth are they branding it as such? It can only serve to alienate a lot of people in the area who form their customer base.

They have a Merthyr and a Neath branch, so what is wrong with branding it as Abercynon which is after all where it is. If they wanted to claim it is part of a larger town then even Pontypridd would have been better than Cardiff.

Still, we are now part of the "Cardiff City region" so maybe we can expect more of the same as we in RCT become totally subsumed by the big city.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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