Labour and Plaid set to opt to shy away from political talk show

Welsh Conservatives understand that Labour and Plaid Cymru representatives have pulled out of the filming of tonight’s ITV Sharp End political programme.

Commenting on the reports, Welsh Conservative AM Angela Burns said:

“It would appear freedom of thought is not alive and well in the backbench ranks of Labour or Plaid Cymru.

“On the back of one of the more interesting weeks in the Assembly’s 17-year history, Labour and Plaid Cymru seem more interested in locking themselves away than talking to the people of Wales about their plans for our country.

“Throughout this process, Welsh Conservatives have been clear. We have stood ready to explore a new kind of collaborative politics, which delivers consensual solutions to drive our nation forward. If other political parties don’t share that ambition, or won’t enthusiastically explore how we can do things differently in Wales, we won’t repeat our action from Wednesday’s vote.

“Having spent weeks saying they want to see change, people across Wales will question the motives of politicians hiding from the cameras as they potentially explore five more years of the status quo."

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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