Statement on March 2016’s performance figures

THE Welsh Ambulance Service met its target for the most serious calls for the sixth consecutive month, according to figures published today.

The Trust reached 65.7 per cent of immediately life-threatening emergencies within eight minutes in March, 71.4 per cent within nine minutes and 76.1 per cent within 10 minutes.

We responded to 1,885 ‘RED’ incidents in March, and the average response time for a ‘RED’ call was six minutes and 15 seconds.

The full data is viewable on Welsh Government’s StatsWales website.

The second set of Ambulance Quality Indicator data has also been published today.

The data – which looks at things like clinical care, appropriate interventions and patient flow – helps people assess our performance clinically in addition to how quickly an ambulance arrives.

You can view the AQIs on the Emergency Ambulance Service Committee’s website.

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For more information call Lois Hough, Communications Specialist at the Welsh Ambulance Service, on 07515 191347 or email Lois.Hough@wales.nhs.uk

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