Welsh Ambulance Service Statement on April 2016’s performance figures

RICHARD Lee, Interim Director of Operations at the Welsh Ambulance Service, said: “We’re really pleased to have exceeded this target for the seventh month in a row.

“After some challenging times across the NHS in February and March, we were able to deliver an eight-minute response to more 70 per cent of immediately life-threatening RED calls in April.

“More than 1,820 patients also received advice over the telephone from a nurse or a paramedic in our contact centres.

“Our teams work relentlessly every day to deliver the best service possible for our patients.

“As we continue to modernise we recognise that some patients still wait longer than we would like for help, but we continue to develop plans to ensure that month by month we deliver a service of which everyone in Wales can be proud.

“We would remind the public to continue to use our ambulance service wisely.

“There’s a host of alternatives to 999, including your GP, GP Out of Hours, your nearest pharmacy or Minor Injuries Unit, and NHS Direct Wales, where nurses are on hand 24 hours a day to give you advice over the telephone.”

There were 1,609 RED emergency incidents in April.

We reached 71% of RED calls within eight minutes, 76.2% within nine minutes and 81.8% within 10 minutes.

You can view the data in full by visiting Welsh Government’s StatsWales website.

Keep abreast of news and updates by following the Welsh Ambulance Service on Twitter @WelshAmbulance and on Facebook: Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust.

For more information call Lois Hough, Communications Specialist at the Welsh Ambulance Service, on 07515 191347 or email Lois.Hough@wales.nhs.uk

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