Health Audit of homeless people in Wales

The Welsh Government has commissioned Cymorth Cymru to conduct a survey of the health needs of homeless people in Wales.

The survey aims to establish the key needs of people experiencing homelessness, this information will then be used to better guide commissioning to address the issues homeless people face. Cymorth Cymru is calling for any agency or organisation working with people experiencing homelessness to work with them to gather this information.

Cymorth Cymru are asking individuals to complete the survey with people who are homeless. The survey is estimated to take around 30 minutes to complete and goes into considerable detail, it’s flexible design allows for all provider organisations, including local authorities, voluntary organisations and health boards, to provide their feedback.

The deadline for completion is 29 April 2016.

Please complete the survey using the links below:

English survey

Welsh survey

Click here to download the FAQ document.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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