Support for a St David’s Day Bank Holiday for Wales

A Welsh Conservative Government would fully support, endorse and press for the introduction of a St David’s Day Bank Holiday.

Shadow Culture Minister, Suzy Davies AM, has pledged to work constructively, and effectively, with the UK Government in the hope of utilising public holidays more effectively for the people of Wales.


Polling has consistently shown a strong level of support across Wales for a St. David's Day Bank Holiday; and the move has been repeatedly, and passionately, endorsed by Welsh Conservatives.


Scotland already has a bank holiday for its Patron Saint, St. Andrew and Northern Ireland has a bank holiday for St. Patrick.


Despite claiming to back Welsh Conservative calls for its designation as a Bank Holiday, Labour Ministers in Wales have done so little to press for change.

To date, the Welsh Government has evaded responding to a question asking how many meetings the First Minister has had concerning St David's Day’s possible designation as a Bank Holiday – despite a response being due back on February 25th, raising further questions in relation to their inaction.


Speaking on the eve of St David’s Day, Suzy Davies AM said:


“A St David’s Day Bank Holiday could act as a global showcase for our nation; and provide people across the country with a unique opportunity to celebrate our identity.


“It would be a fantastic way to celebrate our national day; equally providing a significant boost to Wales' international reputation and tourist industry.


“Sadly, Labour Ministers have repeatedly failed to make the case for our national day to be marked in this way. Labour's inaction is symptomatic of a Government which has run out of ideas, and is complacent with the wishes of the people of Wales.


"Whilst Bank Holidays remain a reserved issue, Welsh Conservatives would work constructively with the UK Government to seek this change in Wales. We are the only Party ready to work with Westminster to deliver the real change our nation needs.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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