UKIP Wales “The Fight is Now on”

With the starting whistle now been blown on the European Referendum Campaign, UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill says the fight is on for him and his party.

“There’s a total dearth of voices in Wales campaigning to leave the EU, and we as a party have a unique position in this debate. We can show the people of Wales how EU membership is killing off industry, stagnating the economy, placing farming and fishing in a stranglehold and how only by leaving, can decision making be brought closer to the people of Wales as many of those powers could come to the Senedd.

“The latest polling by YouGov showed that actually the Leave side is in the lead in Wales. Now it’s up to UKIP to fight for democracy in Wales while the other parties sit back and allow the status quo to erode another decade of freedom and prosperity.”

UKIP Wales Head of Media Alexandra Phillips added

“The starting gun has been fired and the referendum that UKIP fought hard to get for the British people is on the horizon. Here in Wales we are pretty much the only voice championing Brexit, despite the majority of voters here now agreeing with what we say. It just goes to show how one-sided and broken politics in Wales has become, where there is a real lack of debate and accountability, and why UKIP is integral to the revitalisation of democracy here. Expect to start seeing a lot more of us as we represent the men and women who also believe in sovereignty, prosperity and a brighter future outside a broken political project.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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