UKIP Wales Leader slams Welsh Leaders call to postpone EU Referendum

UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill MEP has slammed a letter co-authored by the other party leaders in Wales to David Cameron asking for the EU Referendum to be postponed, citing possible confusion due to its proximity to the Welsh Assembly elections this year.

“This is not about confusion, that is deeply insulting to the Welsh voter who can easily tell the difference between the Assembly elections and an EU referendum. This is about attempting to fix the results of the Assembly elections which they think could be influenced by the ongoing EU referendum campaign. The cosy cartel of Party Leaders in Wales will all campaign to remain in the EU and they are fully aware that polling in Wales, like England, shows a strong overall inclination to leave. This is about them protecting their own and not about what is best for Wales,

“It would be far better to hold the referendum sooner, rather than later, to cut costs, to give people of Wales a clear message and to begin the process of making the biggest constitutional decision we will face in generations.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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