UKIP Wales Leader Nathan Gill MEP is in Brussels witnessing first hand the fall out of today’s attacks

The MEP was en route to the Parliament at the time of the attacks and describes the mood as “awful” and “with sirens going off everywhere.”

He also says he has “hundreds of friends, colleagues and acquaintances here in Brussels and my heart goes out to anybody affected by this horrific attack. It has really brought the issue home for me.”

The MEP said “it is abundantly clear that urgent action must be taken to stop the transit of extremists in Europe. It’s the duty of Governments to protect their people, and right now, it is clear that we must seriously consider closing the open borders in Europe which allow radicals from both the Middle East and from home grown terror cells, to pass undetected between countries, to collaborate, coordinate and collect in pockets across the continent. This is yet another wake up call following the Paris shootings and the issue of Schengen and the free movement of people now needs urgent redress. This is not about political point scoring, this is about taking immediate and measured action to save lives.”

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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