What have the Romans ever done for us?

So, what have the Romans ever done for us? For those remember the Monty Python sketch there was quite a long list, but their latest may be to prevent a solar panel farm in Pontypridd.

As reported by Wales Online, an application has been made to put 20,000 solar panels on farm land at Penycoedcae but the recommendation from Officers to RCT Council Development Control Committee is to refuse it. The reason? An objection from CADW that "the solar farm does not sensitively respect the scheduled monument of Pen-y-coedcae Roman Camp and would be likely to have a significantly detrimental effect on the setting of the scheduled monument."

CADW is the arm of the Welsh Government which is responsible for protecting the historic environment in Wales. They were the only objectors to the scheme.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell who re[resents the nearby Trallwn ward says he hopes that the project will be granted approval and questions some of CADW's actions.

"CADW did not want to know when approached about the historic paddling pool in Ynysangharad Park. They brushed any concerns aside and allowed the Council to do as they wished.

"They did not object to an application for a pre – fracking bore hole in Llanharan next to a listed building on the grounds that it will only be temporary, despite acknowledging it would have a visual impact.

"Yet they object to a solar farm alongside the site of a Roman marching camp which, to be honest, few people are probably aware of and does not even make it onto the Council's list of tourist attractions and areas of interest.

"RCT needs to play its part in reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging renewable energy is key. I was pleased to see the Development Control Committee refuse permission for the test drilling in Llanharan – fracking should not be allowed unless and until it can be proven to be100% safe and that seems unlikely. We need to encourage other forms of energy which don't rely on fossil fuels, such as solar panels.

"The Romans were an innovative race – no doubt if they were around today they would be all in favour of the progress this development represents."

Councillors on the committee will make a site visit on Tuesday 12 January.

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