“Vote for the party that gets things done” – Kirsty Williams

Welsh Liberal Democrats are the only party to consistently work to achieve results and put narrow party-political interest aside, their leader Kirsty Williams has said today on the eve of the Assembly election.

Despite being the smallest group in the National Assembly, Kirsty Williams and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have achieved more than all of the other opposition parties put together. Over the last five years, the party has used their influence to secure:

  • Safe nurse staffing levels on hospital wards;
  • More than £280 million extra investment in schools via the Pupil Premium;
  • 5,000 extra apprenticeships;
  • Youth Concessionary Fare Scheme;
  • Stopping work on the £1bn+ M4 relief road;
  • Better access to innovative NHS treatments via the Health Technology Fund.
  • Additional funding for rural councils

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Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“Tomorrow’s vote is your chance to make a difference for your community. Before you cast it, I want you to ask yourself: who has delivered the most for you and your family?

“More often than not, the people I talk to across Wales aren't interested in the cheap party-political point-scoring. What they always ask me is, 'What have you done to make my life better?' As a Welsh Liberal Democrat, I always have a long list of things to tell them about.

“When Labour wanted to cut the numbers of apprenticeships in Wales, we used our influence to stop them. When rural councils were getting a raw funding deal, it was us who secured more money. When our poorest pupils were consistently underachieving in our schools, it was us who stepped in and gave them that extra support.

“Unlike the other parties, we're not content with whinging from the sidelines. Welsh Liberal Democrats always roll up our sleeves and get things done for our communities, and for the people of Wales.

“If our record over the last five years shows anything, it's that a vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a vote for our policies being put into action. Tomorrow will be no different – your vote could help make our ideas a reality.

“If you support smaller class sizes, if you want more nurses on hospital wards, if you want an Opportunity Economy that enables people to get on life, then you have to vote for it – you have to vote Welsh Liberal Democrat. Only then can we begin to deliver a Wales that works for you.”

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