Adverse Weather Advice

Heavy rain forecast across the County Borough this weekend and the Council will continue to do all it can to keep its residents safe.

Ours Streetcare team continues to monitor around 960 culverts and more than 90,000 gullies. Local residents are asked, if it is safe and they are capable of doing so, to remove leaves and debris from around private drains on or around their property, where possible, in a bid to prevent future flooding.

Motorists are also urged to take care on the roads during poor driving conditions.

The Council is asking residents to contact the Council if they spot any obstructions or potential problems and are unable to safely remove them, themselves.

The Council’s dedicated teams are out and about in all weather tackling any adverse weather conditions that may occur.

Public safety remains paramount all year round and the public is urged to work with the Council.

To report incidents during office hours, call 01443 425001. The Council’s Out of Hours and Emergency telephone number is 01443 425011

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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