WelshLabour’s lack of ambition on housing is hurting Welsh families

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have hit out at Labour’s “lack of ambition” to tackle Wales’ housing crisis, ahead of a Welsh Government debate in the Assembly on affordable housing targets.

Labour Ministers’ targets aiming for only 10,000 affordable homes to be built over five years. A report produced by the late Professor Holmans for the Welsh Government says that at least 5,000 affordable homes need to be built every year, far greater than the number currently targeted.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced plans to set a target of 20,000 affordable homes, in part through increasing the Social Housing Grant from £35 million to £75 million per year. If you agree with the plans, click here to back the campaign.

Statistics may show that 2,218 Affordable Homes have been built in Wales this year, but 692 units have been lost on average through demolition and Right to Buy. The Welsh Government have therefore only actually delivered 1,526 affordable homes this year, a small step towards their 10,000 target.

Peter Black AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, said:

“Labour like to grandstand on housing and boast what they call achievements, but the reality is that their lack of ambition on housing is holding Wales back and hurting Welsh families.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the only party with the ambition to tackle Wales’ housing crisis. We believe that every person should be able to provide a secure environment for their family.

“The contrast between Welsh Lib Dem ambition and Labour’s record couldn’t be starker. People rightly expect their Government to provide enough affordable homes for the people they claim to represent, and Labour Ministers have fallen far from the mark.

“For decades, successive Conservative and Labour governments have not built enough homes. This has left us with a crippling undersupply of housing while demand for social housing has soared. Welsh Liberal Democrats will take action to address this imbalance."

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