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Brown Asbestos at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre Aberdare

On the16th December 2008 Michael Sobell Sports Centre, Aberdare DTM follow up


In 1999 there was a poor asbestos strip of Amosite Asbestos (Brown Asbestos) Considered to be the second-most hazardous type of asbestos.


Labour’s latest Valleys reboot needs to have substance say Welsh Conservatives

Welsh Government ministers will need to convince Valleys communities that their new action plan is more than just a “glossy

Scrapping tolls a ‘huge boost’ to motorists and Welsh economy

Commenting on the UK Conservative Government’s announcement that the Severn Bridge tolls will be abolished by end of 2018,

Return of Candidate Expenses for General Election 2017 in RCT

UK Parliamentary General Election

Thursday 8 June 2017



Return of Candidate Expenses


Proposal: bungalow Affecting Public Right of Way BRIDGEND ROAD, LLANHARAN,

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Welsh Office Circular 32/92

Application Affecting Public

Right of Way


Application No: 17/0638/10


Applicant: Mr Ward


Proposed construction of new 4-bed