Welsh watchdog eyes return to pre-pandemic timescales for audit work

Welsh watchdog eyes return to pre-pandemic timescales for audit work

Audit Wales has unveiled plans to improve the timeliness of its performance audit work at NHS and local government bodies and to restore the auditing of accounts of the 800 public bodies across Wales to pre-pandemic timescales over the next few years.

In its Action Plan for 2024-25 the watchdog acknowledged that the public sector in Wales continues to “face significant financial, demand and workforce pressures”.

It said its plan outlines “the vital role of Audit Wales in supporting good governance, financial management, ensuring value for money and identifying early warnings of problems arising”.

Audit Wales’ core work and business priorities for the next 12 months include: 

  • Local audit work at more than 800 public bodies 
  • Delivering a detailed programme of national studies  
  • Certifying around £1.5bn of grant schemes 
  • Sharing good practice to support public bodies
  • Supporting effective scrutiny including the work of Senedd committees
  • Facilitating the detection of fraud through the National Fraud Initiative 
  • Approving £2bn of payments from the Welsh Consolidated Fund every month 

Dr Kathryn Chamberlain OBE, chair of the Wales Audit Office board, said: “The enormous financial, demand and workforce pressures facing our public services means Audit Wales has an essential role to play in providing the public, Senedd, decision makers and influencers with the information and assurance they need about how public money is being spent.

“Our Annual Plan sets out how intend to achieve this over the next 12 months while ensuring we are on track to delivery our strategic ambitions to assure the people of Wales that public money is being well spent, explain how it is being used and inspire the public sector to improve.”

Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales, said: “The pressures on public services mean it is vital that organisations are getting value for money from every pound of spending. I have already set out this year some key themes identified through my audit work where I believe public bodies can achieve greater value for money.

“Over the course of this year, we will be ensuring that there is an even sharper focus on value for money through stronger outcomes and financial analysis in our local and national work. We will do this while delivering on our commitment to being a model organisation for the public sector in Wales and ensuring a work environment which encourages collaboration and high-quality work.”


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