Highway approach to the new to the new Aldi Store Aberdare

Highway approach to the new to the new Aldi Store Aberdare

The new Aldi Store will be opening soon, and there appears to be little consideration from the Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Highways Department regarding the increased traffic flows. The traffic from the Asda roundabout onto the B4275 and vehicles turning right at the junction into the Aberaman Industrial Estate off the B4275 will significantly increase congestion.

Additionally, the proposed pedestrian crossing with lights opposite the Royal Mail Depot a necessity will add to the traffic issues. The council has installed two basic bus stops but, as typical in Cynon Valley, failed to construct any bus pull-ins there was and is sufficient room to do this. This causes buses to hold up traffic, exacerbating the problem at the Aberaman Industrial Estate junction with the anticipated rise in traffic.

The junction into the Aberaman Industrial Estate urgently needs a mini roundabout if space permits. Otherwise, a no-right-turn policy requiring vehicles to proceed to the Asda roundabout and circle back will increase traffic on the Asda roundabout, further compounding congestion.

A well-thought-out highway design is essential before the store opens, with Aldi bearing the cost, unlike the Asda roundabout project where taxpayers bore the cost of post-opening modifications. The Rhondda Cynon Taf Council amended the roundabout on the A4059 (the Asda Roundabout), adding a left lane travelling north from Cwmbach Roundabout at a cost of £100,000 to taxpayers.

Taken from Facebook: I’m not being a snowflake or putting a dampener on the new Aldi store opening as I think it’s a good thing but did anyone think of planning out the junction coming out of there onto the road leading to both Asda and Abercwmboi before planning started on there even? It’s a nightmare coming out of there now, especially in the rush hours. I know some might think it will be a novelty at first but I think it’s a popular store and a lot of people will visit it. It may have even planned by whoever did the first crossing by the new school practically on the roundabout before it was changed and maybe they thought it didn’t need a new plan in and out of there.

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A bit more detail is given in this proposal https://aldiconsultation.co.uk/porthcawl/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/2021/07/Transport-Assessment.pdf

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