Starmer ‘embarrassed’ by Welsh Government

Starmer ‘embarrassed’ by Welsh Government

Let Labour’s woeful record in Wales should serve as a warning

2022 Sir Keir Starmer described the Welsh Government as providing a “blueprint for what Labour can do across the UK”.

2023 Sir Keir Starmer has twice declined to repeat his previous claim that Welsh Labour was his “blueprint” for power.

Vote for Labour and your council tax changes go up that is what is being proposed in Wales. In the Minimal Reform Plan, council tax bands will be re-evaluated to reflect their market value better. This means your house may move into a different band upward.

If your house has increased in value in the last 20 years you will be paying more council tax.

“We know that Keir Starmer is embarrassed by the Labour Welsh Government he called his ‘blueprint’ for government.

“And who can blame him? Under Labour in Wales, we have record NHS waiting lists, record lows in educational attainment, the highest business rates in Britain and a lame-duck First Minister fighting for his political life in the Senedd every week.

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Team @ AberdareOnline

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