Council Tax is up but the cuts to public services keep on coming

Council Tax is up but the cuts to public services keep on coming

As residents of Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) receive their latest council tax demands, they are met with a bitter reality: paying more for less. It’s a scenario that has become all too familiar under the leadership of the Labour Party, with council taxes soaring while essential services face relentless cuts. The question that looms large is, who bears the brunt of these decisions?

“It’s not surprising, say concerned residents “Year after year, we see the Labour Party elected into power, and what follows? High council taxes and dwindling public services, it seems the only thing flourishing in RCT is the vanity projects.” Indeed, while essential services are slashed, RCT Council finds ample funds for its pet projects.

“The council leader is always lamenting about being short of cash,” residents observe but it seems like a broken record, played since his inception, the latest casualty of financial woes? School transport. This ill-conceived decision forces children to endure treacherous walks of up to 3 miles in our increasingly inclement weather. With a 13% increase in annual rainfall since the 1960s, one must question whether the council considers the health and safety of our children or merely seeks to save a few pounds.

Service cuts have become a hallmark of RCT under Labour’s rule. 22-day centres closed since 2004, a move purportedly for savings, yet council taxes continue to climb. This pattern of austerity has resulted in the loss of local jobs and deprived the most vulnerable members of our community. Elderly residents, who once found solace and companionship in local day centres, now find themselves isolated and neglected.

“Even basic necessities like waste collection have fallen victim to this relentless cost-cutting,” Black bag collections reduced to once every three weeks, with unkind measures for exceeding limits. Bulk waste collection once included in council tax, now incurs an additional charge of £17, leading to a surge in fly-tipping across the region. Vermin control was included in council tax now if you have rats or mice and call out the council it will cost you £30-80

The repercussions extend beyond domestic affairs. Essential services like litter picking and street cleaning have been curtailed, prompting councillors and concerned citizens to organize local cleanup efforts with reduced staff and resources.

One significant concern shared by residents, motorists, and cyclists is the abundance of potholes throughout RCT. It seems that nearly every road is marred by these potholes, indicating a worsening situation exacerbated by deteriorating road surfaces. Rather than addressing this pressing issue, our council and the Welsh Government seem to allocate funds to trivial matters like installing 20 MPH signs and road markings on roads that serve no real purpose.

RCT residents deserve better. It’s time for accountability and transparency in council spending. No more sacrificing essential services for the sake of vanity projects. Our taxes should fund services that benefit the community, not frivolous extravagances.

Residents of Rhondda Cynon Taf grapple with the harsh realities of continued service cuts and rising council taxes, one thing remains abundantly clear: the time for change is now.

A list of Day centres closed or not operated by the council

Ynysangharad Park Day Centre.

St Mair’s Day Centre, Aberdare.

Gilfach Goch Day Centre, Gilfach Goch.

Ystrad Day Centre, Ystrad.

Combine House Day Centre, Tonypandy.

Alec Jones Day Centre, Porth.

Nazareth Day Centre, Penygraig.

Cambrian Day Centre, Clydach Vale.

Carey Day Centre, Tylorstown.

Teify House Day Centre, Maerdy.

Wesley House Day Centre, Ferndale.

Noddfa Day Centre, Treorchy.

Dan-y-Deri Day Centre, Ystrad.

St George’s Day Centre, Tonyrefail.

Edith May Evans Day Centre, Ynyshir.

Trealaw Day Centre, Trealaw.

Treforest Learning Curve, Treforest.

Riverside Day Centre, Pontypridd.

Bronllwyn Day Centre, Gelli.

Ferndale House, Ferndale.

Dan y Mynydd Day Centre Porth.

Abercynon Day Centre Abercynon.

Residential Homes the council closed

Maesyffynnon Residential Care Home, Aberdare.

Dan Y Mynydd Residential Care Home, Porth.

Bronllwyn Residential Care Home, Gelli Pentre.

Ystrad Fechan Residential Care Home, Treorchy.

Garth Olwg Residential Care Home, Church Village.

The council intends to combine Trecynon and Cwmni Dda day centres and close Tonyrefail day centre and the Trecynon day centre.

Our libraries play a key role in providing information; promoting knowledge and developing skills for people of all ages and all walks of life, library services in Rhondda Cynon Taf have seen their fair share of cuts, your council closed the Rock Grounds Office transferred One4All Centres into libraries reducing the size of our libraries. Our Libraries are now used as an Advice Service Blue Badge, Bus Pass, Council Tax and Discounts, Housing Benefits and Initial Planning Advice. Not forgetting your council closed 17 local libraries around Rhondda Cynon Taf, a loss of amenity and local employment.

Libraries the council closed

Llanharan Library Bridgend Road.

LLanharry Library, Ysgol Gyfan.

Talbot Green Library.

Glyncoch Library,

Beddau Library.

Cifynydd Library.

Cwmbach Library.

Maerdy Library.

Nantgarw Library.

Penrhiwceiber Library.

Penygraig Library.

Ton Pentre Library.

Tonyrefail Library.

Treherbert Library.

Tylorstown Library,

Ynyshir Library.

Ynysybwl Library.

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