Is Aberdare Town and the rest of Cynon Valley benefiting from the Cardiff Capital Region?

Is Aberdare Town and the rest of Cynon Valley benefiting from the Cardiff Capital Region?

Following on from our story City Deal Cardiff Capital Region who is it benefiting in Rhondda Cynon Taf

RCT Council informed us under a FOI request that all the councillors who serve on the committees at Cardiff Capital Region receive no separate remuneration for performing that role. We assume the council is saying they do not get an additional salary or expenses for the work they put in attending meetings, site visits, and traveling expenses for the Cardiff Capital Region.

You may or may not be aware that the council intend to turn the old Rock Council Offices into a hotel, we enquired whether Rock Grounds development would deliver a distinctive quality asset for Aberdare Town Centre and asked the council what other improvements is the council investing in Aberdare town for residents and to attract more footfall? 

The Council responded, “Aberdare Town Centre has benefitted from in excess of £100 million of investment over the past 10 years. This investment includes:

Development to create Aberdare Community School, including a new athletics track, 3G sports ground, modern leisure facilities and skate park.”

The Community School replaced 4 schools 2 of the schools replaced had asbestos problems. The Authority arranged for the demolition of the school for Health and Safety and practical reasons

The Council went on “Redevelopment of Coleg Y Cymoedd, transforming the delivery of further education facilities in the Cynon Valley.

“Refurbishment of Aberdare Library”

“Support to enable the creation of the Our Aberdare Business Improvement District (BID) who have and continues to deliver positive outcomes for Aberdare, including the delivery of key events such as the recent successful Christmas event, new festive lighting, new signage on the A4059, (the sign has been taken down) flower planters throughout the town and business support.”

The Business Improvement District,  Aberdare Traders have to pay a levy whether they like it or not on top of business rates the traders already pay for so are they getting a good deal most of what the BID does now the council used to provide, so is the BID just another form of tax?

Council advise it has supported 35 town centre businesses through its Town Centre Maintenance and Business Growth Grants, delivering £122,000 of investment in property improvement and business growth.

Furthermore, the Council has facilitated access to over £2.5 million of UK and Welsh Government funding for Aberdare Town Centre, including £64,000 of Welsh Government COVID-19 business support to businesses. This has leveraged a further £1.7 million of private investment, delivering 16 property improvement schemes throughout the town centre.

Aberdare benefited from an average of 42,498 weekly visitors (January to September 2023), the second-largest number of visitors across RCT town centres.

Going forward, the new Aberdare Town Centre Strategy, which was formally adopted by the Council’s Cabinet in December 2023 (please see link below for further information) seeks to build upon this investment momentum, providing a focused and coordinated investment framework which seeks to establish Aberdare Town Centre as a vibrant, dynamic and attractive destination for both local residents and visitors to the area.

Aberdare Town Centre Strategy approved after positive consultation (rctcbc.gov.uk)

Can the council provide a list of projects in Cynon Valley and the funding they each received from the Cardiff Capital Region? The response, Housing Viability Gap Fund sites 

The two sites in the Cynon Valley are as follows:

Development Site Name: Fothergill Park

Address: Land at Former Aberdare Hospital, Abernant

Maximum Sum Awarded: £2,040,000

Development Site Name: Moss Place, Abernant

Address: Land at Moss Place, Abernant

Maximum Sum Awarded: £1,514,000

Can the council list how many permanent jobs have been created in Cynon Valley from Cardiff Capital Region funding? The response, the Housing Viability Gap Fund permanent jobs not known.

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