Development Control Committee decide today on Blaengwawr Comprehensive School site

Development Control Committee decide today on Blaengwawr Comprehensive School site

So much for Rhondda Cynon Taf Development Control Committee making its mind up as a report in WalesOnline preempts the outcome “Plans for 120 homes on a former Cynon Valley school site are set for approval despite there being more than 60 objections to the plan.”


Before it gives the inevitable approval, as the labour council will as always allow developers to develop as and when irrespective of any local opposition or major congestion on our already clogged up highway system the council are content to extract all the council tax they can that’s why the developer is the labour controlled council best friend.


At the meeting tomorrow Development Committee members should be asking why the developer has not used the Maesyffynon Lane as the main access route as this was going to be developed by the council as an alternative route to the A4233 Maerdy Mountain Road and reduce traffic congestion away from Monk Street why was this not in the developers plans? Was it because the developer would have to fork out some cash to get the access built but he wants easy money so let's just cause congestion in Club Street and on the junction of B4275?


So what else can the council or should I say council taxpayers do to help this development? We can allow the council to use taxpayer’s money to pay for widening the carriageway in Club Street that will help with getting planning approval it only cost £100,000 what was the council excuse for doing the work in Club Street?

“The Council has completed £100,000 works to widen the carriageway at Club Street in Aberaman, to accommodate the Extra Care scheme being delivered at the former Maesffynnon Residential Care Home site.”

Well that’s a good excuse but it also helps the poor old developer, so what else can us council taxpayers do to help? Remove the asbestos and demolish the Blaengwawr Comprehensive School at council taxpayers expense? Chris Bradshaw Chief Executive RCTC said,


“ The Authority arranged for the demolition of the school for Health and Safety and practical reasons anticipating a higher land value and that the costs would be recouped from the sale of the development site. If left, the land and buildings would have deteriorated, leading to possible anti-social behaviour which would have a significant detrimental effect on the use and enjoyment of the surrounding area”


Just another excuse or did the developer pay if and when purchasing the site or whoever has purchased the site, this was after the council saying it would be down to the developer to pay for the demolition of the school, so will the developer be paying all the costs of the removal of asbestos and demolition costs? The question that should be asked before planning approval is given, also the cost of widening the carriageway in Club Street and any work required on the junction of Club Street and the B4275. Why should council taxpayers bankroll developers? Developer’s make millions as it is so is the council subsidising them?


Will the committee have a say? Has the Development Control Department at RCTC said if this is not approved it will go to a Public Inquiry and cost the council money? All will be reviled at todays meeting.



Thursday, 4 April 2019

Start 5:00 PM

A meeting of the Planning and Development Committee is scheduled to take place at 5 pm on 04-04-19 at the Council Chambers, Clydach Vale, CF40 2XX   

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