Just 3% of Welsh farmers trust Welsh Government

Just 3% of Welsh farmers trust Welsh Government

Responding to the poll commissioned by the Country Land and Business Association in Wales that has found just 3% of Welsh farmers trust the Welsh Government, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Samuel Kurtz MS, said:

“This survey result is a damning indictment, yet isn’t all too surprising, given how the Welsh Government has treated farmers over the last few years.

“The Welsh Government gave up being a government for all of Wales long ago. Their urban-focused policies, coupled with continuous attacks on rural Wales, have led to trust in this Welsh Government being at rock bottom.

“Farming is in desperate need of a friend, and it’s only the Welsh Conservatives who have the policies to restore trust and be that friend to farming.”

100 tractors pull up in protest at Labour Leadership debate

Responding to the news that 100 tractors and farm vehicles took part in a go-slow protest, Samuel Kurtz MS, Shadow Rural Affairs Minister, said:

“The Welsh Government simply isn’t listening to farmers and rural communities and that is driving the frustration being felt.

“The start of the next First Minister’s tenure could be overshadowed by serious discontent in rural Wales, as neither candidate is willing to listen to the genuine concerns of the agricultural sector.

“That’s why I’m urging once again for the consultation to be paused. If it isn’t then it is only a matter of time before farmers are on the steps of the Senedd protesting, and I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with them.”

Also commenting, Russell George MS, who joined the farmers, said:

“I was disappointed that the candidates did not come out to speak to the hundreds of farmers waiting.

“It was encouraging that the police praised those that attended for cooperating and making their points peacefully.

“This issue cuts deep across the country and support from those not directly involved in farming was clear to see.”

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