Is it time to be open and accountable when dealing with toxic waste?

Is it time to be open and accountable when dealing with toxic waste?

Brofiscin Quarry, situated in Groesfaen, Rhondda Cynon Taf, stands as the sole location officially designated as contaminated land. This site, utilized for approximately seven years for the disposal of hazardous waste, notably polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), underwent capping in 2011. Despite these measures, concerns persist regarding the ongoing status of this former waste dump.

Residents may rightfully question the safety of Brofiscin Quarry and other antiquated waste sites, and the answer is affirmative. Historical evidence underscores the vulnerability associated with such sites. A stark illustration occurred on February 16, 2020, when mining waste from a coal tip triggered a landslip on the Llanwonno hillside above Tylorstown, exacerbated by the impact of three successive storms in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

The region’s susceptibility to landslides and environmental risks is compounded by elevated and sustained rainfall, leading to a rise in the water table. Is it a case that Brofiscin Quarry, in particular, faces ongoing concerns related to leaching or potential leakage? A troubling prospect when considering the site’s checkered history.

Of note, numerous Freedom of Information requests have been submitted to RCT Council, seeking information about Brofiscin Quarry. Links to these requests are available for public scrutiny.





An additional area of concern arises with Maendy Quarry: is there an issue with unconsented toxic discharge? This question remains unanswered, prompting a closer examination of the site’s environmental impact.

An in-depth investigation, titled “Burying The Truth – The Original Ecologist Investigation Into Monsanto and Brofiscin Quarry,”. Published in the South Wales Argus on August 5th, 2022. This article sheds light on the potential environmental hazards associated with the quarry, raising awareness about the need for proactive measures to address and mitigate such concerns.

Open letter from Douglas Gowan



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The two historic landfill sites, Brofiscin and Maendy are infamous sites of pollution concern. They were certainly sites where toxic material was placed from the 1960s through to early 1970s. 

Why doesn’t the polluter pay? PCBs in Wales

Image from Brofiscin Quarry pollution at Groesfaen to be cleaned BBC Wales

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