Four weekly bin collections ‘appropriate’ says Labour Minister

Four weekly bin collections ‘appropriate’ says Labour Minister

Responding to the Welsh Government calling four-weekly bin collections ‘appropriate’, Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said:

“The Labour Government’s attitude towards local services stinks.

“The Minister sees no problem with four-weekly bin collections because it’s Labour and Plaid’s underfunding of councils which is causing services to be cut back in the first place.

“Unless Labour funds our councils properly, we will have fewer services and dirtier streets.”

Below taken from the Rhondda Cynon Taf Council 2012 manifesto lots have changed since then but our council tax goes up and up

Protect & Keep.Public sector funding is being slashed by the Conservative & Lib Dem Government in London, which threatens the many important services local Councils provide. A Labour controlled Council would commit to protect the following services valued by the public.

  1. PROTECT ‘SEVEN DAYS A WEEK MEALS ON WHEELS’ & SUPPORT PROVIDED FOR THE ELDERLY A Labour controlled Council would commit to protect the provision of our seven days a week meals on wheels service and other associated services supporting the elderly introduced by Labour from UK Government cuts.
  2. ‘PROTECTION OF INVESTMENT IN FRONTLINE SERVICES’ Despite cuts to public sector finances, a Labour Council would commit to continue Labour’s programme of investment in frontline services, such as highways, the environment and services for the elderly and vulnerable.
  3. ‘MAINTAIN WEEKLY REFUSE COLLECTIONS’ Labour in Rhondda Cynon Taf already has a strong track record of investment to improve our environment. A Labour controlled Council will protect and maintain weekly refuse collections and will not following the example of neighbouring Plaid Cymru & Lib Dem controlled Councils who have adopted fortnightly collection of waste.
  4. ‘PROTECT OUR E3 AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY PROGRAMME’ A Labour Council will protect the E3 initiative which has transformed the availability of activities to engage young people after school within every school area in Rhondda Cynon Taf.
  5. ‘MAINTAIN SUPPORT FOR CLEAN & TIDY NEIGHBOURHOODS’ Our ‘Street Blitz’ approach to ensuring our neighbourhoods are clean, green and tidy will be protected and will receive additional support and investment under a Labour controlled Council.
  6. Continued commitment to 7 days per week Community Meals service, recognising how crucial this is to maintaining older people’s independence in their own homes;
  7. Weekly Black Bag Collections Unlike opposition controlled Councils, a Labour controlled RCT will commit to continue weekly black bag collections alongside its recycling measures.
  8. Zero Charges for Bulky Collections If re-elected Labour will continue its policy of maintaining zero charges for bulky collections.
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