Labour Government stuck playing escalation catchup

Labour Government stuck playing escalation catchup

Responding to the Labour Health Minister’s updated escalation arrangements for Welsh NHS health boards, Russell George MS, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister said:

“The escalation arrangements announced today are eyebrow-raising to say the least and show that our Welsh NHS is in a very sobering state.

“All of Wales’ health boards had already been escalated to some level due to their finances and we now see that status of three health boards has now been increased – with the whole of Hywel Dda now in the second highest level.

“Swansea Bay’s maternity service has been escalated again, having only just been escalated last month due to long waits and well-documented safety concerns – it’s clear that the Labour Government is stuck playing catchup.

“Aneurin Bevan has been raised due to the ongoing financial difficulties, not helped by the Labour Government’s cuts to the health service this year and these cuts are now impacting performance and patient outcomes at the new Grange University Health Board.

“The Welsh Conservatives want to see Healthcare Inspectorate Wales fully resourced, with Labour’s cuts reversed so that they can support this new framework by spending the full uplift for health on our Welsh NHS.”

BMA suggests Welsh Government wasting money on health board-managed practices

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