First Minister makes dog’s dinner of PISA figures

First Minister makes dog’s dinner of PISA figures

Commenting following his exchange with Mark Drakeford today at First Minister’s Questions regarding Wales’ PISA results, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies MS said:

“The PISA results for Wales are the worst on record.

The First Minister didn’t want to be drawn to make comparisons, because Wales’ best-ever PISA results for reading and maths are still lower than England’s worst-ever PISA results.

“That didn’t stop him from making a complete dog’s dinner of the figures, misquoting the statistics to suit his narrative.

“Instead of prioritising our children’s education, Labour ministers in the Senedd focused on blanket 20mph speed limits and 36 more politicians. This, not the pandemic, is the reason for these lamentable results.”

The First Minister in response to the line of questioning said: “Just for the record to be clear, the maths scores in Wales fell, they fell by the exactly same number as the English maths scores fell.”

This was not the case as Wales’ maths PISA score fell by 21 points from 487 to 466. In England, the maths score only fell by 12 points from 504 to 492.

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