Increased risk of irreversible harm as eye care waiting lists soar

Increased risk of irreversible harm as eye care waiting lists soar

The latest data on eye care waiting lists in the Welsh NHS revealed that for the most serious at-risk cases (R1 pathways) the number of patients waiting within the target time or 25% beyond it decreased to 48.3% in September, the lowest proportion since May 2023.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Russell George MS said:

“Just 3 months ago, a leading doctor warned of a ‘tidal wave of blindness’ in Labour-run Wales as so many patients were waiting beyond the target time for eye care treatment. It is bitterly disappointing to see that these waiting times are continuing to worsen.

“This new data indicates that the most at-risk Welsh patients still have less than a 50/50 chance of receiving treatment within the target time in our Labour-run Welsh NHS, meaning most patients in this category are at risk of irreversible harm or significant adverse outcomes.

“Wales needs a proper workforce plan from the Labour Welsh Government to address the issues in our Welsh NHS. The Welsh Conservatives have long been calling for one in the vein of Rishi Sunak’s, with a tuition fee refund for healthcare workers that stay in Wales at its heart.”

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