Cynon Valley Residents’ voice option on Aberdare Town

Cynon Valley Residents’ voice option on Aberdare Town

Part of Aberdare is a conservation area you would not think if you have seen the dilapidated shops throughout the town residents have been sharing what they think of the town on the Aberdare UK Facebook account

Walking down Commercial Street many empty shops and the state of the shop fronts must put people off visiting Aberdare.

 Aberdare Market looks like the best-kept place with plenty going on and the prices are not bad. The big downside is paying for parking as one resident said to me it’s cheaper to shop at a supermarket if you only want one or two items parking charges push the price up and put you off shopping in town.

The Aberdare Bid or Our Aberdare

Project Description: 

Our Aberdare BID began operating in April 2020 following a successful ballot in March 2020, in which 69% of ballots cast were in favour of establishing the BID.

The means carried out the feasibility study for and managed the Our Aberdare BID’s ballot campaign in 2019 and company setup during the BID’s first two quarters, from April to September 2020.

Following its successful setup, Our Aberdare BID will be working toward:

• Improving the look of Aberdare town centre

• Creating a calendar of events throughout the town
• Strengthening the voice of businesses on matters that affect them
• Improving the signage in and around the town
• Creating an Aberdare hub to include an information and advice centre for businesses and visitors and a potential co-working space
• Incentivising people to shop locally with a loyalty scheme
• Bringing extra money into the town through grant schemes

Website: ouraberdare.com

Facebook: @OurAberdareBID
Twitter: @OurAberdareBID
Instagram: @OurAberdareBID

Part of the problem is down to the local Planning Department they approve plans and specifications for remedial work on the property in conservation areas if they allow substandard material to be used externally little wonder shop fronts don’t last.

The main road in Cardiff Street requires resurfacing the council only did part of the regeneration back in 2012, they forgot about Market Street and only did part of Cardiff Street. With boundary changes on the way, RCT Council appears to be spending the big money in Pontypridd.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Town
Centre Regeneration Evaluation
Aberdare – Interim Report
in association with Robert Chapman & Company
May 2013

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Team @ AberdareOnline

Team @ AberdareOnline

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