Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, Natural Resources Wales and Ofwat amid public outcry about illegal sewage spills.

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, Natural Resources Wales and Ofwat amid public outcry about illegal sewage spills.

The Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee established by the Senedd is crucial in examining policy and legislation while holding the Welsh Government accountable in various key areas, including climate change policy, the environment, energy, planning, transport, and connectivity. Chaired by Llyr Gruffydd MS, the committee comprises members from different political parties.

Despite assurances from Natural Resources Wales (NRW), concerns persist regarding their commitment to environmental protection. Gareth O’Shea, NRW’s executive director of operations, claims the organization shares the public’s concern and asserts its responsibility in environmental regulation. However, doubts arise when examining their approach to enforcement.

During questioning, Gareth O’Shea emphasized that NRW will only act based on evidence. However, a closer look at the proceedings reveals a potential gap between their claims and actions. It appears that NRW might be taking a passive stance, allowing Welsh Water to operate without sufficient oversight.

Critics argue that NRW’s monitoring, supposedly overseen by the Welsh Labour Government, has been ineffective. The same excuses seem to recur annually, leaving room for speculation about the organization’s commitment to its regulatory role. The perception emerges that NRW is not proactively addressing environmental concerns, leading to the belief that “it’s the tail wagging the dog.”

This critique suggests that NRW may need to reevaluate its approach and take more proactive measures to fulfill its environmental protection responsibilities. The Committee could consider investigating specific instances where NRW’s actions may not align with its stated commitment to environmental regulation when dates and photographic evidence are provided,

is it a case of selective investigation?

The Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee has been set up by the Senedd to look at policy and legislation, and to hold the Welsh Government to account in specific areas. These areas include climate change policy, the environment, energy; planning; transport, and connectivity.

The Committee has six Members who come from the different parties represented in the Senedd, and is chaired by Llyr Gruffydd MS. Find out more about the Committee, its members, and the full list of areas it covers below.

Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee



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