Ryanair scales back at Labour-run Cardiff airport

Ryanair scales back at Labour-run Cardiff airport

Commenting on the news that Ryanair is increasing the number of flights and basing a new aircraft at Bristol Airport while scaling back at Cardiff Airport, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“It is concerning that Ryanair are moving operations away from Cardiff Airport. Labour’s transport plans for Wales continue to stall, with blanket 20mph speed limits, bus service cuts and a ban on road building, Labour are grinding Wales to a halt.

“With passenger numbers dwindling at Cardiff Airport and affordable airlines moving away, it is time the Welsh Government swallow their pride and sell the Airport back to the private sector, to a company with a vision and strategy.

“Labour have sunk £250 million into Cardiff Airport to keep it afloat, whilst not making it an attractive prospect for airlines to operate from. This is  just another example in a long list of Labour’s pet projects wasting Welsh taxpayer’s money.”

Cardiff Airport labelled as Mark Drakeford’s ‘biggest money-pit of all’

Image Credit: Rob Burke

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