40 Nurses lost to non-devolved broadcasting authority

40 Nurses lost to non-devolved broadcasting authority

Commenting on the opposition of the National Union of Journalists’ Welsh Executive Council to the so-called Shadow Devolved Broadcast Authority, costing £1 million of taxpayers’ money, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport, Tom Giffard MS said:

“It is no wonder the NUJ are against Labour wasting this substantial sum of taxpayers’ cash on what is essentially another vanity project given broadcasting is not devolved to the Labour Government.

The Labour Government should instead focus their time, energy and our money on areas that are devolved like our health service which is facing further cuts despite already having higher waiting lists than in Conservative-run England.

“The Welsh Conservatives would rather the money spent on recruiting nearly 40 more nurses, a significant boost to our inadequate workforce numbers.”

In an email to members of the Senedd, Chair of NUJ Welsh Executive Council, Nick Powell and NUJ National Executive Council member for Wales, David Nicholson wrote:

The Welsh government does have the necessary competence to help rebuild public interest journalism in Wales. The budget allocated to devolved broadcasting could be spent on measures that will transform the coverage of Wales and for Wales.

“To continue spending public money in an area that is outside the legislative competence of the Welsh government could see the continued decline of public interest journalism in Wales to the point where more areas of the country will be without local media.”

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