Elderly people would be abandoned and isolated by Welsh Labour’s bus cuts

Elderly people would be abandoned and isolated by Welsh Labour’s bus cuts

Commenting on the news that loneliness and isolation could increase among older people if bus services are reduced, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS said:

“Isolation and loneliness is a heartbreaking concerns already among older people, for this to increase due to Labour’s cuts to bus services is very concerning.

“Labour’s foolish default 20mph speed limit is beginning to impact services, people’s lives, and livelihoods, and it hasn’t even been rolled out yet. Undoubtedly this ludicrous policy will have a massive negative impact on all people across Wales.

“Labour need to address these concerns immediately and reevaluate their priorities, otherwise they will leave a generation of vulnerable people at risk.”

Also commenting, Welsh Conservative Older People’s Champion and Shadow Minister for Equalities, Altaf Hussain MS added:

“It is important that the Labour Government get this right, we cannot abandon the older generation who rely on the bus service.

“Many of our older population suffer from health-related issues that will only be exacerbated by the stress of bus cuts, leaving them isolated and alone.

 “Labour ministers must take more care of our elderly population, they have already let them down with inhuman NHS waiting lists, they cannot also leave them isolated with bus cuts.”

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