UK Government To Be Sued Over RSE

UK Government To Be Sued Over RSE

Equality & Human Rights lawyer Dr Anna Loutfi, together with families of children adversely affected, is bringing an action for damages against the government for allowing children as young as five be taught age-inappropriate topics in Relationships and Sex Education. View Dr Loufti’s announcement here.


In this speech to the European Parliament, James Lindsay competently unpacks the context and background of the force behind much of the changes in our society over the last century. This is an expert catalogue of the gradual dismantling of a Christian society that supports faith, family and freedom. Highly recommended.


As part of its planned restructure, School Gate Campaign will be discontinuing the regular newsletter that we have been sending out over the last four years. The good news is that Parent Power, another organisation that is pushing back against Relationships and Sex Education, has just started its own newsletter, which covers the same and related topics.

We highly recommend that you sign up to Parent Power’s newsletter at the bottom of this page, to continue receiving relevant news and updates about RSE.

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